School Health Program Management

In comparison to other nursing/staffing agencies, the uniqueness of MACCS Health is that we specialize in school health management. There are multiple components involved in the effective management of the school health office. Student safety, management of student health alterations and medication administration are only one aspect of health office management. There are legal components that are equally important and critical to maintaining compliance with state and federal mandates regarding school health. Some of those components include:

  • School Physician Services
  • Certified School Nurse Services
  • Mandated Screening Program Planning & Implementation
  • Completion and Filing of Mandatory Reports
  • Continuing Education and School Health Updates for Health Office Staff

If your facility’s Annual School Health Service Reimbursement was reduced because of a deficiency in one or more of the above listed areas, then perhaps MACCS Health can help. We have more than ten years experience in the area of school health management. Our services are designed to meet federal, state and local mandates. We pride ourselves on compliance maintenance and the ability of our clients to continuously qualify for the full allowable reimbursement annually. Services may be provided on a full or part-time basis with contracts tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.

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