State Mandated Screenings

Chapter 23 of the Pennsylvania Public School Code mandates the provision of specific health screenings, based on grade level, to all students attending school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Failure to comply with screening mandates will negatively effect the amount of the School District reimbursement for school health services.

  • Growth & Visual Assessments

Height/Weight measurements and visual assessments are conducted annually for each student in every grade.

  • Audiometric Assesments

Each year pupils in kindergarten, special ungraded classes and grades one, two, three, seven and eleven shall be given a hearing screening.

  • Scoliosis Screenings

Scoliosis in an appreciable lateral deviation of the normally straight vertical line of the spine or one or more lateral rotary curvatures of the spine. Scoliosis screening is administered to studetns in grades sixth and seventh and to age-appropriate students in ungraded classes.

  • Medical Examinations

Please Refer to Physical Assessments.

  • Dental Examinations

Please Refer to Oral Health.

Contact us if you need assistance providing these or other mandated health services.





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